12 Lead Generation Webinar Marketing Mistakes

It is critical that you use lead generation Webinars in your business because they work very well. Unfortunately, most people do not use their lead generation campaigns in the correct way or to the best potential as they could.

To fix Webinar issues many people will focus on advanced strategies that build a better response, increase quality of prospects, or decrease lead costs. But instead they should be spending time to make sure that the foundation of their Webinar business is in place.

Why you ask? Well, even companies that are very successful usually make serious mistakes that cost them time and even more important - money.

To help build your foundation, I will outline 12 of the most frequent mistakes that companies make when they do their lead generation Webinars. The list is broken into three specific categories: 1) before your webinar, 2) during your webinar, 3) after your webinar.

# Mistakes made before your Webinar

1) A big mistake in overall strategy is to offer a generalized Webinar for all types of customers. This blanket Webinar tries to be all things to every customer and usually fails. Why? Because the customer does not feel that you are talking directly to them. It is very important to target your message to a specific segment of customer so you will generate higher leads. Doing a Webinar this way makes your prospect feel like you are talking directly to them and understand their needs and problems they are looking to be solved.

2) Topic or titles of your Webinar must be dynamic and speak to your customer. To often businesses us simple or generic topics that result in your prospects being less likely to register for your Webinar. Some of the best titles are ones that elicit an emotional response from people that read them. They cause your prospect to stop and decide that the Webinar has the information they want and they are then wiling to spend time on it.

Added to this, companies often has Webinars on the same generic topics like a demo of this piece of software or a preview of this service. They will have these Webinars over and over all year long with no change. Instead of focusing on current news or trends they limit their success by thinking small. You want to ask yourself questions about what your market is most aware of or concerned with right now. Then if you tie your Webinar and title to the answer of that question you will generate more interest from your prospects.

3) Failing to survey prospects and customers after Webinar registration. Immediately after registration you really need to offer prospects and customers a survey or you are making a serious mistake for the following reasons:

4) Not providing handout or other information prior to the Webinar. This mistake is also related to involvement between you and your prospects. It is about piquing the curiosity of your registrant and making them excited about your Webinar and what information you will reveal. Additionally, by offering handouts you satisfy the instant gratification need of those that want information fast.

When everything is done right, the topic and title of your Webinar will make the prospect wan the information right then and there but be willing to wait a few days for the actual event. A handout ensures that they get enough of a taste of the information so that they desperately want and hold out for the promised event.

5) Not using any video before you hold the event. People are very busy and you have to do everything to keep a prospect interested in your Webinar and willing to set aside the time in their schedule to attend. In fact, people just forget why they registered for your Webinar and when it is. By using video between their registration and your event, you solve two issues:

# Mistakes made during your Webinar

6) Any person can hold a Webinar but are they engaging and able to sell? Very few people can sell and entertain on prospects when presenting a Webinar. But, if you are able to entertain your audience then you likely can sell to them much easier because they are drawn in and engaged and connect with you. You need to be able to entertain in a way that builds a rapport with your audience about your product or service and not being over the top or outrageous.

7) The Webinar is not all about "me" or "my company". Larger companies are more likely to make this mistake because they hold a Webinar that is about the company and not about the problems or goals of those attending. You should not hold a Webinar talking about how much your company has or can accomplish, or how long you have been in business, or how big your company is. Instead, you should spend your time talking about the problems your prospects are experiencing or the goals they have. Then you offer your product and service in a way that will overcome or help achieve what your prospect needs.

8) Following too close to a script. You should not read word for word what the presentation slides say because it distracts the attention of your attendees. They should be focusing on you and what you deliver instead of the words on your slides.

You need to develop slides that engage your audience and recapture their attention but not distract from you. If you follow too close the prospect will just start reading the slides themselves instead of listening to what you are saying. Instead of using your slides to say the same thing you are saying, use them to:

9) No having enough data about how you can help your prospect. You can never provide enough data and proof in a Webinar about how helpful your product or service is. Remember that proof comes in many forms like case histories, testimonials, visual data, etc. People usually look for a reason not to buy and you need to counter that with data to make it harder for them to deny your offer. Offer proof at different times during your presentation and make sure it is in the form that will show how you can help your prospects problem or need.

10) Failing to define a clear course of action after you have concluded the Webinar. A big failure is not having a clear enough call to action for your prospects to take after they have completed your Webinar. Usually people leave a generalized comment like "contact us" or "call our office" after a Webinar. This leaves way too much of a window for your audience because most of your audience will not be completely sold by your Webinar and you need to do everything to close the deal. You need to clarify their need and how you can solve their problem if they respond and contact you right away. Do not leave them open to walk away.

# Mistakes made after your Webinar

11) Not having a robust enough follow up process for prospects or clients. By not following up with prospects after your Webinar or making sure they are in communication with your sales staff leaves a lot of potential profits on the table. Be sure to follow-up with them in multiple ways like eMails, postal mailings, a phone call, etc. The best processes for follow-up are well thought out and very specific in their nature. They are designed to take advantage of each point of interest your prospect has and engage them appropriately.

12) Not paying enough attention to those that do not buy from you. It is important to understand that very few people will buy from you in their first contact of your company. Usually it can take up to seven times before a person buys your product or service. You must not ignore those that do not purchase right away because you are missing out on a huge potential for profit. You can see twice as much income if you develop a planned out follow-up process to convert those that do not buy right away. Stay in front of your prospects and keep them reminded of what you and your business offers. Do this and over time you will maximize the value of these leads into a significant amount of money.