5 Reasons Why Webinars Are Profitable

A Webinar is still one of the fastest ways to build customer and prospects trust which allows you to increase sales. Here are 5 reasons why a Webinar is a key success factor in growing a profitable business.

1) Level the business playing field

By using Webinars software you can level the business playing field. No matter how big or small your business a Webinar provides value to your customer. It does not matter how much your marketing budget is either because of the ease of communicating when a Webinar happens. By making your Webinar web conference interesting and compelling you can attract the attention of the market you are targeting and get many qualified prospects into your sales funnel.

2) Provide your customers with what they want

A Webinar is very popular with potential buyers of educational and product information because it presents it in a format that is on their terms without having to usually deal directly with a salesperson. Recent studies show that in some industries over 70% of buyers attend a webinar from a vendor selling a product before they buy. In addition to that, 90% of people attending a Webinar are likely to tell someone else about the Webinar and what they learned.

3) Provide sellers with what they want

A Webinar is very effective for sellers because they are greatly effective when compared to other traditional marketing methods. Webinars are the most cost-effective way of driving sales appointments when taking into consideration all the marketing and sales costs and overall time to do. This data was determined by a recent study that compared Webinars to direct mail, trade shows, telemarketing, and emarketing media (banner ads and email marketing). Basically this study showed that if a business reallocated their current marketing dollars from the other less effective traditional methods to a Webinar sales funnel that they could get more leads and appointments.

4) Develops a two-step sales model

By using the event marketing of a Webinar you can become a lot more efficient than just counting on a sales person to do all of your prospect education about the product or solution your business provides. Your marketing team is able to take the message of your company out into the masses and educated them. Then as each prospect requests more information your sales staff can step in and help close the sales lead.

5) Few companies use Webinars

Since Webinar technology is still relatively new to the business world, very few companies use them. This gives you an advantage of those businesses because you can leverage all the Webinar collaboration and tools to drive sales faster. Using Webinar strategies and techniques will make it better for your business as you compete with other companies.