5 Webinar Mistakes You Must Avoid

When you first start out putting on a Webinar or Web Conference you are bound to make some mistakes. Your action plan should be to learn from your mistakes and make sure to avoid future ones. In fact you should do whatever you can to limit errors when starting out. If that means getting a mentor or someone else to help you be successful at your Webinar then do it. Ultimately you want to do everything you can to make your Webinar and Web Conference to be the best it can for your target audience. Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them.

1) Failing to recruit your audience correctly

The fact is that there is someone promoting their wares on every street corner. No matter how compelling you think your Webinar or Web Conference is you will be competing for your prospects time. So remember that just because you are spending a lot of time and effort to put together an event, even if free, it might not spur your subscribers to show. People are very busy and even worse are over-whelmed with marketing and sales messages throughout the day. Do everything you can to stand out and take the correct steps to be sure that you grab and keep the attention of your subscribers. Use smart marketing tactics to get them to sign up and show to your event.

2) Failing to use proven direct response marketing techniques

When trying to build interest in your Webinar you do not need to do anything special. You really just need to take the appropriate steps and use smart marketing steps. First focus on grabbing your prospect's attention by focusing on the benefits of your Webinar. You need to build interest in the event so list out the features and how they can help your subscriber. If you do not successfully motivate your prospect to act then you will not be able to complete the sale.

3) Failing to get guest speakers ready for the agenda

Not preparing for a Webinar or Web Conference can result in lost sales or worse - lost prospects. While it is common that most people do not rehearse for their event they really can cause adverse affects from it. When an event is not organized your participants are the first to notice and will hold you accountable. A mistake or two is acceptable but it is important that you and your host have your event down so that it is professional. In fact if you are not organized you will miss opportunities to make your event top notch and ahead of the competition.

4) Failure to use the right collaboration technology

So how do you make your Webinar or Web Conference become a close gathering and a very personal collaboration environment even with hundreds of people participating? Use the right tools that will increase interaction and participation. Do not just have a Webinar that is a simple power point slide show and plain speaking. Leverage the best Webinar solutions out there to make yours the best Webinar possible and ultimately increase sales.

5) Failing to prepare your marketing and sales follow-up plan

A lot of planning is put into your Webinar or Web Conference but you should not stop there. Make sure you put just as much effort into your marketing and sales follow-up plan. Do this before the event and not after it. You should have a plan that will bring in your prospects, promote what you are trying to sell or teach them, then follow-up to complete the sale. If you do not do this then you are wasting leads and all the gains you made by a great Webinar.