6 Ways Free Webinars Create Profits

One of the new popular techniques for many Web Marketers and Business Owners to earn some of the best online incomes is the Webinar or Web Conference. This is especially great for creating lively discussions that share information while making a living. A common question, though, is how do you make money from something that you are giving away at no cost? The good news is here are a few ways you can profit from Webinars that you produce for free:

1) Increase exposure and buzz for your company or business

Getting an advantage in any idustry is a great challenge. You want to do everything you can to get ahead of your competition no matter how tough it might be. If you want to increase your business exposure then start creating free Webinars. Using specific Webinar tactics you can become an authority in the field of your business. You will also make your prospective market happy because your efforts will provide them information yet not cost them anything.

2) Grow and strengthen your reputation

When you are not very well known in your area of expertise it is critical that you do everything you can to increase your exposure and reputation. Putting on a Webinar is a great way to showcase your knowledge to prospects. However, putting on a free Webinar will help set an understanding that you are in it to teach overall. You want to do what you can to increase your exposure and add a level professionalism. Then the next time you try to sell a product or launch a marketing campaign not only will there be a better reception but your the reputation you have build will help considerably in your efforts to profit.

3) Turn your Webinar into a paid course

This is a key Webinar strategy in generating huge profits even while production free Webinars. The trick is to hold a Webinar that has large amounts of interest but record it. You can offer the recorded Webinar in various formats from it being put on a CD or DVD. You can also transcribe the conversation and release it as a downloadable electronic eBook. You can also increase the value of your Webinar by adding multiple premium topics into your new electronic product. This can actually increase profits because even those that watched the free Webinar would be interested in purchasing it because they get the additional premium content.

4) Use your Webinar to sell a specific product

The most common strategy of a free Webinar is to sell a specific product related to the topic. Most marketers that use this Webinar tactic can earn a decent income. The tactic is to offer the free Webinar in hopes to bring many prospects that are interested to the topic. These very potential prospects are then able to learn a lot about the product and see its benefits, etc. Once sold they are more likely to purchase whatever eBooks, courses, or other services are related to the topic. These sales definitely cover any costs that might be incurred from producing the Webinar.

5) Promote affiliate products during your Webinar

Even if you have a business product or service to promote you can still earn a nice income by producing free Webinars or Web Conferences that showcase affiliate programs. When holding a Webinar like this make sure that you do not try to sell too many products. In most cases you only will want to promote two to three affiliate programs. One of the most critical things is these products must be very closely related to your Webinar. They should show massive benefit to your audience and be very useful. If you do it right they will purchase what you are telling them about.

6) Sell your next Webinar

In some cases you will have a topic that can be split up some into two sections. One section would be turned into a free Webinar that would be used to promote the premium section. This topic would be a paid Webinar that could earn you very nice profits. The trick is to make sure and create a smooth transition from the free Webinar into the paid one. You want the intro Webinar to be informative so that your audience does not feel cheated. But you want them to be interested enough that they purchase the next Webinar.