What Is A Webinar

The business world of today seems to be in meeting after meeting after meeting. Employees find themselves on conference calls constantly. This does not even include the business meetings that require an employee to fly to another city, state, or even country for a conference and important seminar. Yet people now seem to find themselves so busy that a majority of them would prefer to stay near the office. Not to mention that if a business can lower their T&L costs their finance department will be happier. So how can you work this out and still attend your conference or seminar? Enter web conferencing or more commonly known as a Webinar!

So what is a good Webinar definition? A Webinar is a seminar, conference, or meeting that is held over the Internet. What makes a Webinar special is that it is interactive between the presenter and audience. A Webinar can be used for various things like meetings, sales pitches, training, product demonstrations, or other collaboration reasons. In fact in marketing circles, the Webinar has become a key tool to help drive sales and services to new prospective customers. When using web conferencing technology the presenter will be able to dynamically share and edit files and information in real time with people from anywhere.

Many groups of people in various locations have the ability to hold a meeting online. Webinar software contains technology that allows attendees to see, hear, text chat, and share information with all members of the meeting. Basically with these web meetings you will be able to have interactive presentations and ultimately be in a virtual boardroom! There are a few other benefits to using the Internet and a Webinar in that you can share slide presentations, share applications, and even have your board members complete surveys that might better your business.

Web conferencing as a general purpose business tool has grown exponentially over the past few years because of the benefits it brings to not only a business but those interested in the business' services. A Webinar is not just for the large enterprise and in fact has been proven to be just effective for the medium and small sized companies. Web conferencing has become vital in this role, with 3/4 of small and medium businesses reporting solid-to-dramatic growth in usage. Their customers are satisfied with over 2/3 of them believing the technology delivers a very high return in value. When they are given the opportunity, many stated that web conferencing has taken on such an important role in their organizations that they could no longer conduct business without it.