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Dimdim Review

You can use Dimdim Web Meeting to do synchronized live presentations over the Internet. Save money, time and travel expenses by instantly sharing documents, web pages, whiteboards, audio, video - even recording meetings - with no software to install and with no hosting or maintenance costs. You can do all this on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

Full Review for: Dimdim Web Meeting

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Dimdim is one of the new kids on the block for Web Conferencing but they offer a very unique service. Using Dimdim Web Meeting you can use email, IM or a webpage to meet instantly with absolutely no download required to host, attend or even record your web events. Improve the quality of your presentations and the depth of your collaborations. certainly one of the easiest Webinar solutions out there. They also have won countless awards for their unique Web Conferencing abilities. Here are a few of their awards and accolades:

  • ReadWriteWeb listed them as one of the Top 10 Enterprise Products of 2008.
  • Forbes said, "Dimdim is a next-generation service most succinctly described as WebEx 2.0."
  • PC World said, "Dimdim worked so well I can't imagine paying for a service like WebEx again."

Dimdim Features:

  • No Install - Dimdim makes it very easy because there is nothing to install unlike other Web Conferencing products. They do this on the Macintosh, Windows, or Linux using their lightweight browser-based magic and Flash.
  • Share Computer Screens - Via a small plug-in you can instantly share any activity on your computer screen.
  • Share Audio - Dimdim comes with high quality Voice Over IP (VoIP) so people can share computer microphones. Do not forget that every user gets their own free audio conference call bridge. Use your mics or your phone - the choice is yours.
  • Share Video (Webcams) - When you schedule a meeting they automatically create a Webinar widget for you that can be placed on any website or via FaceBook or Twitter. This allowed anyone to be able to register for your event just by entering their email address.
  • Record Your Events - All it takes is one click to record your meetings. Then you are provided a URL to send to those that did not attend your event.

Grab your Dimdim Web Meeting trial before it ends...