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Webinar Tools

Holding a Webinar can become a complicated thing unless you have the right tools to help you out. To hold an effective Webinar you need more than just a online presentation. You really need additional knowledge and infrastructure to promote the event, register attendees, conduct the web conference, and follow-up with those that attended. Not to mention that that part of your Webinar planning includes determining your target audience and the message you want to convey, the date and time of your web conference, the speakers, and the basic marketing plan required to invite your guests. Also you need decide the amount of attendees, if you are going to charge a fee, or even screen the registrants prior to them being allowed to join. The good news is this isn't an impossible feat to accomplish but you just need the right tools listed here to help along the way.

Planning and Setup

In the first steps of your Webinar planning you will need to determine your target audience and what you want to present on. You also need to decide when your web conference will be held, who is speaking, some other marketing details, and decisions around those you want to register. Planning and setting up a webinar session is actually pretty easy if you use some of the tools listed below:

Marketing and Promotion

Now that your webinar is set up, you need to make sure you get an audience. To effectively market your Webinar you will need to use a variety of methods like email, existing lists, joint-ventures, and other advertising solutions. To help you manage this process please look at some of the following tools:

Registration and Confirmation

After you have people registering for your event you want to make sure they are automatically added to your webinar database. You also want to make sure that you send reminder emails to those that registered so that you have good participation. Use the following solution to help make sure those that registered make your event:

Webinar Preparation and Execution

To prepare for your Webinar you will need to decide how you want to interact your audience. There are various tools like audio, text messaging, and polling options at your disposal. You will also need to make sure you take time during the web confernce to have a question and answer session to increase the value you bring to your participants. These tools will help get ready for a very successful Webinar:

Follow-up and Closure

After the Webinar you need to make sure you follow-up with the attendees.